Sally Sherman is an athlete, lululemon Ambassador and educator in Pittsburgh, PA. Sally holds a B.A. in Dance, an M.Ed. in Teaching, an M.S. in Exercise Science and a Ph.D in Exercise Physiology. She is a certified Baptiste yoga instructor and has assisted in trainings for Baron Baptiste and other regional yoga organizations throughout the world. In addition, Sally is a regular Wanderlust presenter and certified in both Cycling and Pilates. 


She serves as a faculty member at the University of Pittsburgh where she teaches Dance, Yoga, Pilates and Exercise Science courses in the Department of Health and Physical Activity. Also at the University of Pittsburgh, she is a yoga researcher at the Physical Activity and Weight Management Research Center.

Sally completed her Ph.D. in Exercise Physiology at the University of Pittsburgh where her research focuses on studying the healing Yoga that she loves. Her dissertation work, "Energy Expenditure In Yoga Versus Other Forms of Physical Activity" was the first study of its kind and revealed that Vinyasa Yoga meets guidelines for exercise as set by the American College of Sports Medicine. That research was published in the Journal of Physical Activity and Health in August 2017. She is currently a co-investigator of a study funded by the National Institute of Health studying at the impact of two styles of yoga on obesity. 

As a triathlete, Sally is a sponsored athlete competing in long-distance cycling events, mountain bike races, marathons, ultra marathons and IRONMAN triathlons. Sally has completed two full distance 140.6-mile IRONMAN triathlons and uses these events to raise money for local charities including food banks and Toys for Tots. As a melanoma survivor, she aims to bring awareness to skin cancer prevention, especially among the athletes who spend so much time in the sunshine. #FUskincancer


She is a co-founder of the Full Psych Adventure Team, an organization of adventure athletes who raise money and psych for people to get outdoors! 

Her greatest achievement to date is as Lorelei’s mom, the role that teaches her full presence, love, and gratitude.