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Yoga for Cyclists (& Athletes) is a 50-minute class devoted to nurturing cyclists and other athletes' bodies. Focus is placed on moving the spine in directions that are ignored by our sport, and tight hips are targeted with stretches while relaxing the mind.

Presentation to the City of Pittsburgh employees  on how to incorporate mindfulness into their workday (video begins after the intro at 6:40).

Dr. Brian Clista, co-owner of the Pittsburgh Fitness Project talks with Sally about meditation and the health benefits of mindfulness.

“Overcoming Obstacles” is a podcast interview recorded for the Make Moves Podcast. We cover many topics: overcoming hard obstacles and failures, endurance training and mental toughness, learning how to tap into your own intuition and find you true purpose, divorce, parenting, and more.

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Featured in "Yoga and Cholesterol"

Article in WebMD

by Alexandra Benisek


FitLabPGH highlights movers and those 

who understand that movement is a 

lifestyle ...not just an activity.

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Chair Yoga for Top Surgery is a 30-minute practice designed for use after top surgery, a mastectomy or any other upper body surgery. It provides modifications and levels to add or eliminate so that the practitioner can work at the level safe for their healing. Make sure you have consulted with your physician and are only taking the options that align with directed instructions.

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